Sunday, March 7, 2010

About those who won't collaborate

These are early ideas, which I plan to develop them further in the coming few weeks, in response to the question: will everyone make it to the knowledge economy?


Some eat well, practice yoga and swim, see their dentists and GPs every six months. Some are healthy.

Some read posts and articles. Some have conversations with new and curious people. Some travel a lot. Some have an insatiable need to try all new things and integrate what functionally appeals and do without what does not. Some are curious. Some are aware. Some grow everyday.

Others eat much, move less, lack the counsel of doctors. Others are not healthy.

Others watch tv and you tube, play pool and spades and blackjack online. Others are not curious.

A knowledge economy and some generations later, those two groups are no longer one. The one's who read and ran are firmly embedded in the seamless network of networks, they are executive and free. The one's who did not have regressed to a level where they are no longer competitive (both in skill and price) with automation. And so eventually revert to separate life and world. They slowly develop a quasi-barter system among each other and slowly lose technology until they become feudal again.


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