Friday, May 21, 2010


Who will keep it real my friend?
Who will set what is within about?
Who will walk the line without a fumble?
Who will walk the line still after the stumble?

Oh dear denial you are so terminal, won't you set her free?
Oh dear denial you are so terminal, you won't even let him flee?
Your chamber is dirty green and its keeper Gaia

Oh dear denial I know your function is to set them free without the knowledge to be
And for that and nothing else
For that and above all else
I am your foe

This isn't a club of members
I do not care to laminate their status
I do not know their title

This is a hub of all your creatures
The underground above ground
Your membership is your word
Your word is to be your best
Your best is greater than your present
Your present is greater than what is past
Your past is a collection of lessons you have cast
Your cast begins and will stream till that breath that is your last

I am fast
You are fit
Run with me
Let the slow be jealous
Tell the slow to be ambitious
Tell the slow to flow
Tell them we are all heirs of this world
Tell them we are heirs of this continent
and Gulf
and Union
and creek-ed city
and smaller bits such as town, home and room
Till (s)he realises (s)he is heir of (her/him)self

This is all yours
Your earth
Your eye
Can you see it my friend?

We will smile on top of the mountain of fountain
I will stroke the waves of your white hair while you evenly gaze at those white clouds that were gray and far for far too long

This is our debt to all our forebearers
This is our will to all our children
This is white clouds of curious spirits and white hairs of dignity that did not waver

Can you see it my friend?

#knowthyself and you will my friend.


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