Friday, June 4, 2010


Emboss the deboss
Gain that which was once your loss

Commander of greased levers
Sticky is this dervish of yours but also clever

Your machine runs!
This is a mill of Korean Huns

Marvel at its sheen
Its lines are crisp, dark and clean

What forms that Bauhaus was too minimal to see
What norms from which Romantics could not veer

Too clean
Too dirty
How dare they declare the present a constant meal?
How dare they declare themselves exclusively worthy?

I am here because it is my choice
I am here because here is where I rejoice

I have salaries to make
to brothers of disciplined ambition

I have rent to keep
no time to sleep

I have pledged expectations
to partners I intend to keep

These profits are to be made
This world is waiting to be changed

No more flotilla
No more novella
An international Armada
And Faisal's story will mould
in all the ways it wasn't meant to be told


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